About Us

We can purchase your probate home quickly, OR in the traditional manner- MLS list your home for Top Retail value, OR sell you home via AUCTION, with no commission to you.

About SunCoast Realty and Yvonne Biederman, Real Estate Broker, Probate Specialist

Other than your Probate attorney we will be you most valuable resource – we are trained and experienced in handling the intricate details of probate and inherited property sales, and have property management experience. We will make every effort to make sure that nothing is missed.
If you do not have a probate attorney the first step is to choose one- we have several that we have worked with and can refer to you, just let us know you need this service.

Here are some of the things that we can help you with:

Most Important- Make sure that you have adequate insurance on the home

Exterior maintenance: refer you to several lawn/landscaping maintenance companies so that
 your property does not get a City code violation due to a lack of lawn care. We’ll check/drive by to make sure what you wanted was actually done.

Interior: furniture and other personal possessions- refer you to several estate liquidator
 companies so that they can appraise and/or sell/buy some or all of the possessions

Interior: coordinate interior clean out and donate unsold personal possessions to charities

Interior: if repairs are required, we coordinate repair bids/estimates from several referred
 sources and will meet vendors at the property, and then give you all the bids.

Real Estate Valuation- an accurate, current market property $$$evaluation, with recommendations and a list of the sold comps, pending comps, and your competition on the market right now.

Real Estate Sale-with options- we’ll help you chose the one that will achieve your immediate goals.

  1. Quick sale to us now, as is, no commissions, no closing costs- just a net $$ amount at closing
  2. Traditional list and sale- with special perks
  3. Go Auction- yup you read it! No commissions to you, the buyer pays a premium which covers the agents’ commissions. A quick way to sell and has the potential of producing a high sales price- not every house will qualify for this option.
  4. Not to confuse you- we can do a hybrid of the above!!

Your Family Members- we can consult with your family members and heirs to help achieve consensus- kinda like an arbitrator.

To summarize:

  • We consult and strategize the best action to take.
  • We schedule and meet all necessary vendors.
  • We organize your personal property.
  • We help prepare the house for sale.
  • We market and sell the house.

Meet Yvonne

So who is Yvonne? She has been in involved in real estate sales, investments, rental and rehab/remodeling , training and education- for over 30 years and….has seen a thing or two. “Ethical, hardworking, and one who gets results,” is how many of her customers and clients have described her.